About Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd is the largest Asian pharmaceutical corporation which has been established in 1781 in Japan. It is one of the biggest companies in the world which took 10 position in 2014 according to the sales volume.

Takeda is available at all developed and developing markets and offers a broad spectrum of the pharmacological production: prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, medical equipment, and others.

As the largest pharmaceutical company in Japan and one of the world leaders of the industry, Takeda tries to improve the health of the patients all over the world by means of the implementation of the leading innovations in the field of the medicine.

The base of the product portfolio of the company consists of brand prescription drugs which are used in gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology, analgesia, prevention of osteoporosis, surgery, and treatment of respiratory and inflammatory diseases.

A wide range of the over-the-counter drugs fulfills the portfolio.

The main medical drugs which are developed and released by Takeda company or mutually with partners are: Actos, Amitiza, Blopress, Kapidex, Lupron, Prevacid, Prevpac, Velcade, Brintellix, Edarbyclor, Rozerem, Xefocam, Atenolol, Glucophage, Ninlaro, Cardiomagnyl, Euthyrox, and others.

Takeda actively works over the expansion of its affiliate companies, and therefore different deals are performed on merging this corporation with other pharmaceutical companies every year.

Due to the separate structure of The Takeda Oncology Company under the supervision of the head office, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd conducts an active research work in the section of oncology, and achieves very significant results. In 2012, this structure of the company entered top 100 best companies in the USA which work under the oncologic diseases and develop drugs for the treatment of these pathologies.


Aromatherapy As An Ear Infection Home Remedy

There are many home remedies for ear infections; however aromatherapy is gaining ground as a natural ear infection home remedy. People are now learning more about aromatherapy applications as a natural way to heal and or prevent a variety of ailments. In this article, the different aromatherapy applications for healing an ear infection will be talked about. Aromatherapy is generally used as an ear infection home remedy for an outer ear infection, medically known as otitis externa.

The most commonly used essential oils for an ear infection home remedy are eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and tea tree essential oils. These essential oils are used as part of ear infection home remedies, due to the fact that these essential oils are known to have relaxing, antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Even though essential oils are very natural, they are contraindicated in pregnant women, people with epilepsy, and other medical conditions. Essential oils must be used with very extreme caution with children, and is recommended that you seek a professional aroma therapist before treating a child with essential oils.

One of the ways that aromatherapy is used as an ear infection home remedy is as a massage oil. In this application, one or more of the essential oils are selected and several drops of the oil or blend of oil are diluted in a vegetable oil such as olive oil and are then massaged around the ear and sometimes the neck.  Some essential oils however are ok to used neat (undiluted) be sure to check with a qualified aroma therapist or the directions on the bottle of essential oil.

Another ear infection home remedy using an aroma therapy application is to place a single or a blend of essential oils and place them on a cotton ball and leave on the outside of the afflicted ear for anti-inflammation and pain relief due to the ear infection.

Aroma therapy compresses are another ear infection home remedy. An aromatherapy compress is usually made by mixing a few drops of a single essential oil or a blend of chosen essential oils and adding it to a bowl of warm water. The essential oils are then mixed in with the water to dilute them properly; sometimes a small amount of cosmetic grade sea salt is added to this mixture. Next, a warm towel is placed in the bowl to absorb the mixture, and then is wrung out to remove any excess water. This towel is then pressed against the afflicted ear. The above aromatherapy applications are the most commonly used ear infection home remedies using essential oils.


Heartburn Herbal Remedy: 5 Top Herbs That Stop Heartburn

There are many different ways to cure heartburn. One of the best ways you can get rid of it is through a herbal remedy. Herbs are effective, and you can carry them with you in case you get severe heartburn while on the go. Were going to take a look at a few of the top herbal remedies that fight against heartburn and acid reflux.

Herb #1: Ginger Root

Ginger root will help absorb all the extra acid that is floating around in your stomach. This alone can help keep your heartburn at bay. Another major benefit of ginger is that it has a very soothing effect on people. Ginger can make you relax and unwind. This makes ginger great for reducing stress.

Herb #2: Chamomile

Chamomile is another herb that is good for making you relax. This is important because a major cause of heartburn and acid reflux is stress. The other major benefit from chamomile is that it gives you calcium. This is the same reason that milk can help deal with heartburn.

Herb #3: Fresh Black Pepper

Black pepper is great because you can easily add it to any food that you want. Black pepper helps aid in digestion and that reason is what makes it effective for keeping heartburn away. The best black pepper is the fresh kind. You want to stay away from pepper that has had lots of different ingredients added to it.

Herb #4: Pimpali

This might be the best of all herbal cures for acid reflux. It does a wonderful job of improving digestion levels in your stomach. This herb will even help clean out the stomach and keep it working at its best. You can easily add this to your foods. Just make sure you only add a little.

Herb #5: Jesthamadh

This herb is often used in Indian receipts. This is a very easy herb to take because you can add to just about any food, eat the herb directly itself, or even at it to your tea. Give it try to see how well it works for you.

There are numerous other herbs out there that can help to deal with heartburn and acid reflux. However, you should find the five I have listed on this page to work very well.


Psoriasis Explained – What You Need To Know

What is Psoriasis? It is a consistent autoimmune skin disease that is not contagious. However, it is a disease that affects both the joints and the skin of infected individuals. The disease usually cause the skin of people infected to become red and scaly. They are (outbreaks) however, only in patches.

Patches caused as a result of Psoriasis are known as ‘Psoriasis Plaques’. They are patches of skin where the skin has become reddened and where there has been a huge amount of skin production.

The skin produced by the body amasses at these patches and has a white appearance. The areas of the body where the patches usually occur include the knees and the elbows. Reports have also shown that a lot of people also experience outbreaks on their genital region and scalp. Please note that this condition is different from eczema, and is more likely to be seen on the extensor muscle of the joint.

The severity of the disease however, depends on the individual infected. There have been cases of individuals with only mild condition with just a few patches. While in others with severe condition, the whole body had is affected by Psoriasis.

What causes Psoriasis?

The exact cause of the disease is not known, however, the general belief is that it is genetic.


The most common symptoms of the disease include the following: redness of the skin; inflamed; flaky skin; and dryness. In addition, some individuals suffering from this condition also experience slight pain, irritation, and itchy skin.

What are the known types of Psoriasis?

Some of the known types of this disease include the following:

Pustular Psoriasis: this type appears as elevated sores, which look like blisters. They usually occur on the hands and feet.

Plaque Psoriasis: this is the most common type, and is responsible for up to 85% of cases of the disease. Plaque Psoriasis usually appears as elevated inflamed regions of skin covered with shite flaky skin.

Erythrodermic psoriasis: this usually occurs over most of the body and is characterized by itching, swelling, severe dryness, redness, and pain (not always).

Flexural Psoriasis: this type appears as a smooth patch of inflamed skin. It is usually irritated by friction and perspiration.

Nail Psoriasis: this type normally causes an alteration in the appearance of the toenails and fingernails. It can appear as ridges or discolouration on the nail, nail crumbling, pitting of the nails, loose nails, and thickening of the skin beneath the nail.

Guttate Psoriasis: finally, we have the Guttate Psoriasis, which appears as small round patches over areas of the body such as scalp, arms, legs, and core section.


Treatments for this disease vary due to the fact that cases are not always the same in individuals. That is why it is important to visit your doctor or dermatologist to perform necessary tests in order to recommend the right kind of treatment.

Some of the known treatments for Psoriasis include: Xtrac Velocity Excimer Laser System; Adalimumab: (a biological drug treatment designed to treat severe cases of psoriasis); Photochemotherapy; topical treatments; and few others.

How to prevent Psoriasis

There are a lot of precautionary steps to take when it comes to lowering the severity of the disease. Though, these precautions will alleviate the pains, severity of the condition, and inflammation. However, they won’t eliminate the Psoriasis.

Some of the things you can do to include; changing your lifestyle, reducing things that cause or lead to stress, avoid smoking, do not expose your body to heat for too long, consider taking oatmeal and bath treatment, ensure you use cream that keeps your body moisturized, and perfumes around your Psoriasis outbreak.


Hair Loss Treatment for Spanish Women

In almost every community, especially the Latin community, long hair is a sign of beauty. There is no miracle drug made just for Spanish hair. Hair is hair, and Spanish hair is made up of the same things as Black or Caucasian hair. The only thing that makes hair different among different races it its type. Spanish hair is considered medium, or normal, hair type. To regrow Spanish hair, you need to do the same things that other women are doing to regrow theirs.

Restore Protein

Each hair strand is made up of three different types of protein. Collagen, elastin and keratin are the proteins that make up 88 percent of the hair. Using harsh products like relaxers, dyes and gels can break down the proteins and dry out the hair. This causes hair loss and shedding. Your first line of defense should be to restore the connectivity of these proteins. Protein treatments can be performed on the hair once a week. There are special conditioners on the market just for this purpose. If you do not want to buy anything, just add an egg to your normal conditioner. Saturate the hair with it and sit under a hooded dryer for 15 to 20 minutes.

Olive Oil

One of the causes of hair loss is clogged pores. The hair only has a life span of about six years, and then it falls out. You typically don’t notice this because new hair grows as dead hair sheds. Hair loss is when hair is falling out faster than new hair can grow. Clogged pores can hinder new hair from growing. This is what olive oil comes in. It cleans any debris from the pores. Massage the oil into the scalp for about five minutes. This increases blood circulation in the scalp and stimulates growth.

Take Vitamins

Vitamins can help hair to grow quicker and healthier. Hair is part of the biggest organ in the body and is constantly growing. For hair to continue to grow, it needs nutrients to do this. Biotin is one of the vitamin supplements that improve the appearance of the hair and stimulates growth. Vitamin A helps the absorption of iron in the blood. Iron helps circulation and assists the liver in eliminating toxins from the blood. Vitamin B Complex gives the nourishment needed to grow new hair quicker.


Arthritis Pain Remedies

Arthritis is the inflammation of one or more joints in your body that results in pain, limited movement, swelling and stiffness. Joints are the locations in the body where two bones meet, and over time, these areas may become damaged. There are a variety of ways you can treat the symptoms of arthritis and relieve the pain of this condition. Recovering from pain might not happen immediately, and some of these remedies may need to be incorporated into your daily lifestyle. Consult with a medical professional before beginning any treatment regimen.


Exercising can relieve pain, stiffness and fatigue in your joints by increasing muscle and bone strength. Exercise routines should focus on low-impact aerobic activity, resistance training and range-of-motion exercises. Swimming is a great aerobic exercise, because the buoyancy of water has very little impact on the joints, and it is a total body workout. Using resistance bands can strengthen your joints, because machines and free weights might sometimes be too heavy and can be hard on them. Bands give you a full-body workout and resistance in both directions. While range-of-motion exercises often involve performing circular motions with your limbs and joints, enrolling in a yoga class may be more beneficial. Yoga combines elements involving the mind, body and spirit, and has shown the ability to improve physical functioning, joint health and emotional well-being in arthritis sufferers.


Applications that contain an ingredient called capsaicin are effective pain-relieving creams for arthritis. Capsaicin creams remove a chemical called substance P from your nerve cells. Substance P is responsible for sending pain messages to your body, and this cream is best used on pain located in your knees, elbows and fingers. Applying products called counterirritants can relieve arthritis pain by producing hot or cold sensations. These creams contain a variety of ingredients, including menthol, eucalyptus oil and oil of wintergreen, which distract you from your pain and gives you temporary relief from arthritis.


While resting your body all day long isn’t recommended for arthritis pain, getting an adequate amount of sleep and rest is essential in relieving pain. This can help prevent flare-ups and give your body time to recover after a workout. Other important tips include avoiding positions that place excess stress on the joints and not holding the same position for an extended period of time. Reducing stress can also prevent you from aggravating your symptoms.