Aromatherapy As An Ear Infection Home Remedy

There are many home remedies for ear infections; however aromatherapy is gaining ground as a natural ear infection home remedy. People are now learning more about aromatherapy applications as a natural way to heal and or prevent a variety of ailments. In this article, the different aromatherapy applications for healing an ear infection will be talked about. Aromatherapy is generally used as an ear infection home remedy for an outer ear infection, medically known as otitis externa.

The most commonly used essential oils for an ear infection home remedy are eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, and tea tree essential oils. These essential oils are used as part of ear infection home remedies, due to the fact that these essential oils are known to have relaxing, antiseptic, antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. Even though essential oils are very natural, they are contraindicated in pregnant women, people with epilepsy, and other medical conditions. Essential oils must be used with very extreme caution with children, and is recommended that you seek a professional aroma therapist before treating a child with essential oils.

One of the ways that aromatherapy is used as an ear infection home remedy is as a massage oil. In this application, one or more of the essential oils are selected and several drops of the oil or blend of oil are diluted in a vegetable oil such as olive oil and are then massaged around the ear and sometimes the neck.  Some essential oils however are ok to used neat (undiluted) be sure to check with a qualified aroma therapist or the directions on the bottle of essential oil.

Another ear infection home remedy using an aroma therapy application is to place a single or a blend of essential oils and place them on a cotton ball and leave on the outside of the afflicted ear for anti-inflammation and pain relief due to the ear infection.

Aroma therapy compresses are another ear infection home remedy. An aromatherapy compress is usually made by mixing a few drops of a single essential oil or a blend of chosen essential oils and adding it to a bowl of warm water. The essential oils are then mixed in with the water to dilute them properly; sometimes a small amount of cosmetic grade sea salt is added to this mixture. Next, a warm towel is placed in the bowl to absorb the mixture, and then is wrung out to remove any excess water. This towel is then pressed against the afflicted ear. The above aromatherapy applications are the most commonly used ear infection home remedies using essential oils.